Italy, Lazio

Villa Castel Cellesi

Here is another great place that we decided on a return visit before we even left! An architecturally designed house is divided with the ground floor, facing the valley and the pool, is a very well equipped and smartly designed house. Located about 200 meters from the village, the house sits in a private wooded area. The owners, Paulette and Vittorio, live on the top floor. They skillfully ensure you have your privacy but are there if you need them. I did a few times to solve a problem with my cell phone. We have stayed here twice and enjoy a visit with them.

The house sits in a wooded park, well off the road, and in a beautiful quite location. There are two large bedrooms, each with its own bathroom. A beautiful living room, dinning room and kitchen. The end of the room facing an outside patio, the pool and the valley. A solid wall of glass with large sliding doors blends the indoor life with the outdoor scenery. The kitchen has everything you would want.

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