Recent stays in France, sorted by Region -- Updates in Progress


2023 visit - Napoli - Apartment Martucci


2023 Visit - Rome - Piazza Mattei Apartment


2023 visit - Monopoli Apartment






Apartment Martucci - Napoli

Compania - Naples

For our 2023 visit in Napoli we will be staying in the Chiaia District of Naploi. Our apartment looks like it is going to have a water view.

Casa Castel Cellesi

Lazio - Villa Castel Cellesi

La Pecora Ladra, Montalto di Castro

Lazio, Montalto di Castro di Mari - La Pecora Ladra

Rome - Ginnasi Palace Apartment

Lazio, Rome - Ginnasi Palace Apartment

Rome Piazza Mattei Apartment

Lazio, Rome - Piazza Mattei Apartment

For our 2023 visit in Rome we are staying in an apartment near Piazza Mattei.


Fico d'Indi - Monopoli

Puglia - Monopoli

For our 2023 return visit to Puglia, we are staying just outside of Monopoli renting an apartment at the Fico d'India.

Masseria Pepenofio

Borgo di Pietrafitta, Tuscany

Tuscany, Castellinia in Chianti - Borgo di Pietrafitta

Borgo Sette Tigli Agriturismo

Montepulciano - Borgo Sette Tigli Agriturismo

Fonte Sala, Montefalco

Umbria: Fonte Sala (Montefalco)

La Panoramica Gubbio

Umbria: Agriturismo La Panoramica Gubbio