Our 2023 Trips

During 2023 we will take two trips to Europe:

For the Spring, we fly to Paris for a week in that wonderful city. Then we travel to the South of France.

In the Fall we will spend a month in Italy in Umbria, Lazio, Tuscany, Puglia, Compania and Rome..


Our Recommendations

Through our travels we have stayed in "great" and "not-so-great" places. In part, that is the true travel experience. However, we think recommendations are certain a way to go. On-line bookings are common. It seems so easy. Yet, we have arrived, walked into an accommodation and said to ourselves: "Of I see how they took that shot."

We provide information on the various Regions of Italy and France in our travel journals on My Travels in France or My Travels in Italy web sites.

We are pleased to provide our reviews on some of the places we recommend to stay and eat.

Apartments vs Hotels

Over the past few years we have tended to book apartments as we have been in staying in one location for a longer period of time. Apartments have their advantage of offering typically a larger space, a kitchen and other aspecdts that make it more like home. However, for shorter stays, arrival and departure at apartments is never as easy as a hotel.

Short vs Long Stays

For a stay of a few days in a city, book a hotel. If you are using the city as a base for a longer stay, then an apartment may be a better consideration.